DIY Jewellery Hanger with just 3 things!

I am procrastinating… I am supposed to be writing the references to my report, but I just don’t want to do it… Lucky you who get to read all about this simple DIY!

I love bracelets! That’s the only jewellery I like to buy and wear interchangeably. The only piece of jewellery that I’m always wearing is my necklace and my wedding band and engagement ring. I do have my ears pierced but I don’t really wear earrings a lot. I do, however, love my bracelets! Recently, I bought 3 Swarovski Stardust bracelet knockoff from The Warehouse (it’s kinda like New Zealand’s Target) and there are 2 more on their way (I have to bought it online as they didn’t have these 2 colours in store). I couldn’t resist! They’re beautiful and they look exactly like the original! Plus they’re on sale for $10 each! (Full review on these jewelleries once the other 2 bracelets arrive 🙂 )  But now, I need a place to store them where I can see them and will wear them all. I have that problem where if I don’t see it, I won’t wear it or use it 😦 So I scoured Google and found some inspiration and ask my dear husband to whip up something quick for me 🙂

So here goes!


  • plank of wood(s). We had an old bed frame that we chopped up and left under our deck so we’re using the off cuts of these guys
  • hammer
  • nail


  1. Take your wood and cut it to size required. IMG_20160327_122014[1].jpg
  2. Hammer in nails just enough so that it’ll stay on. You don’t want to go all the way in since you want these nails to be hanger. My husband sand off the sides, I personally didn’t mean if they’re not smooth. If you want to, at this stage, you can sand the sides. IMG_20160327_123823[1].jpg
  3. Nail your new jewellery hanger anywhere you want and hang your jewelleries on it! IMG_20160327_151450[1].jpg

I hang mine on my closet door since my husband said it’ll be easier but you can hang it wherever you want. Please don’t mind that giant flaking flower on my door… It’s been there since before we moved in. I don’t like it and has always planned to re-do it but I just never got round to it.

Now, mine is obviously very basic, but it is easy to customize this tutorial. Add more wood to make a square or rectangle frame or add 1 or 2 more wood in the middle, use a longer wood piece to add more hangers, use hooks or doorknobs or anything else instead of nails for the hanger, paint your wood, washi tape-d your wood, add some chicken wire or mesh, add a piece of large, wide wood at the bottom to create a platform, the possibilities are endless! Mine is just very simple cause those are all the materials we had on hand and it’s just all I need 🙂

I am certainly enjoying my new jewellery hanger that cost us nothing to make! I’m really looking forward to hang more jewellery there 🙂


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