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DIY Pom – Pom Fur + Guide to crocheting an owl hat!

Remember those fur cut outs from my vest?

Those one?

Well now is the time to do something with it!

I’ve decided to turn them into pom-poms to add to my crochet hats 🙂 It seems to be what everyone on Instagram is doing right now…

It’s a simple process. All you gotta do is get those cutouts (or if you don’t have one, cut a circle) and sew across the edge like this:


Now, my cutout is pretty small, but if yours is bigger or if you want to make it more round, add a stuffing inside. You want it to have this ruched effect when you pull the thread tight.

Like this!
You want to keep sewing all around the edges.


Above is what they look like half way through from 2 different angles. When you’ve gone all the way around, pull the thread tight but don’t break it.


This is what the pom-pom should look like after you’ve pull it tight. Sew that small hole close (be careful, this can be quite tricky…).


And… Ta-da!!! You’ve got your very own fur pom-pom. You can do whatever you like with this pom-pom. If you’ve got lots, you can sew them all together so they become a rug or a wall hanging, or you can turn them into keychains! I chose to attach mine to my hat 🙂


That above is one of the many, many crochet hats I have… I don’t exactly have a pattern to make it but I do have a guide 🙂 Sorry no pictures for guidance guys 😦

I started by making the owl. I started by crocheting some chains in multiples of 10 then single crochets for about 2 or 3 rows. Then I followed this tutorial to make the owl. I improvised and modified the patterns a bit to make 5 owls and to make it in the rounds. Now this make the owls from the head first, which means your crochet piece will be upside down. So after I finished the bottom part of the owls, I crochet another 2 or 3 rows of single crochet, then I fasten off. I then decided to make the head band part. All I did was chain 7, sc in the 2nd ch from hook, sc all the way across, ch1, turn, sc all the way across, and I kept going until the head band is long enough to around my head. I always make mine just a little bit shorter since the head band will stretch over time. I fasten off, sew the edges together then sew the headband to the main hat piece. To finish off the hat, I re-attach the yarn, sc all the way around until it reached the desired height, then I sew the edges close (just like I saw the edges of the fur cutouts). Ta-da!!! Now just attach your pom-poms and eyes for your owls! I keep forgetting to buy and attach eyes to mine…

Can you see the owl?
Can you see it now with the eyes drawn on? Those are where the buttons will be sewn on.
I hope you guys like this long post 🙂 Don’t hesitate to comment if you need any help 🙂


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