Crochet Mermaid Tail – finally finished!

Oh hello blogging world! I haven’t posted in the longest time because of a number of reasons… Long story short, I’m now studying full time and we are moving to Palmerston North at the end of the year…

But moving on…

The crochet mermaid tail blanket has been all over the crochet world lately. So I’ve been crocheting one… since the end of last year… And I just finished… In my defense, I have been studying full time now and I’ve only been using leftover yarns and yarns from failed projects. I’ve searched and searched the internet for a mermaid tail pattern I really like. Most just uses double crochets, making the blanket look flat. I wanted one that would really look a mermaid’s tail. So I scoured the internet, and finally ends up on Youtube with this. This pattern uses crocodile stitches, making a realistic looking scales, and the tail itself are gorgeous!

Here’s the finished picture of mine.


This blanket comes up to my waist but when I have the time and feel up to it again, I may make it longer so that it’ll come up to my shoulders 🙂

Here’s JJ modelling it!


Excuse the mess…