Crochet Circular Cardigan



I’ve been wanting to make one of them circular crochet vest or cardigan ever since I saw one online. I thought it was so cute! Plus it was a great way to user colour and add a mandala to your crochet.

Due to the amount of school work I have to do, and the never ending chores that seems to need to be done at home, and our budget that has to be tighten, I thought I’ll never get round to making it. After all, it’d take me a while to select the colours and quite a bit of money to actually buy the yarns. So imagine how happy I was when my sister-in-law turned up with 3 bags of yarn! Yes, 3!!! After sorting through the yarn, and putting all the yarns I do not want in one side, I found that I was left with a quite a number of colourful yarns. So here’s my chance to make that circular cardigan!

First, I search Google for pictures of crochet circular vest. While I like what I saw there and it definitely gave me the inspiration I needed, there wasn’t a pattern I really like. So, I search for crochet mandalas this time. And lo and behold, this showed up! And it’s so beautiful! I did the pattern exactly as Zelna Olivier (Zooty Owl) wrote, but once the mandala was large enough to cover my back, I went off on my own like I usually do…

I simply crocheted 2 long chains to act as my arm holes, (making sure to try them on for positioning and size of holes) then continue crocheting from there. I didn’t use Zelna’s pattern from then on, but went on my own based on my own design and pictures from Google.

Again, I forgot to take a picture of the arm hole making process…

But I took lots of finished pictures!


Here is Beamount taking the opportunity to lie on the cardigan while I’m blocking it. I know it’s not the right method of blocking but I made do with what I have and it worked.



It’s so colourful and I absolutely love it!!


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