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Crochet and Batik Maxi Dress

The month between the last post and this post has been a hectic one… The main reason being I’m trying to finish 2 out 3 of my papers earlier because one of my paper has a huge HUGE last assignment! I need to finish the other 2 papers first before I can fully concentrate on this last HUGE assignment. Alas… I’m still working on the 2 papers… I give myself another week. Just one more week then I have to hand in those 2 assignments and move on to the HUGE assignment! Did I say huge a lot? Maybe because not long ago we found out I am pregnant for the second time πŸ˜€ Which also means a lot of nausea has been hitting me… But as everyone around me knows, I need to do something crafty to de-stress.

Thankfully, my dad came home from Indonesia with 2 meters of batik fabric. Batik is a traditional Indonesian fabric. Actually it’s more of a process of making designs on fabric. Nevertheless it is a traditional Indonesian thing. So I took this batik fabric and a crochet yoke I’ve been making and combine them together to create a dress!


The yoke was crocheted from using cotton yarn and a 3mm hook. I used a pattern called the Keila Top by Handy Kitty. It was a free pattern I downloaded and now I no longer can remember where I got it from…

The dress part was made loose but can be cinched at the waist with a ribbon just to show off a bit of my figure πŸ˜› This dress will also be able to accommodate my growing belly πŸ™‚

Look at my shoes man…
Yes! No need to buy maternity dresses that are ridiculously expensive! Plus this way I can show my love of crochet and of my country πŸ™‚

Here’s the dress hanging πŸ™‚IMG_20160903_134103[1]


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