Hello 2017! A crochet guide to an easy playsuit! Kind of…

It’s a NEW YEAR! My baby is coming in 4 months!!! And we still haven’t got a cot for it… Well, we’ll need to get on to that sometime soon… It’s been a while since I have written anything. Let’s see… I’ve finished my diploma, we’ve moved house and we got through Christmas and New Years 🙂 That’s about it!

I have been doing a lot of packing and unpacking and sewing. I have tried doing a bit of crochet, but I just have very few inspiration while I’m pregnant. While I did attempt to make a playsuit that would fit a pregnant belly, but can still be worn (with a belt on) after all the baby weight are gone, I kind of failed… The construction was easy! But the measurements was wrong… While it did covered up my big belly, I forgot to take into account my blossoming bosoms as well! So that will be shelved until next summer when I’m sure all my baby weight will be gone.

Nevertheless, I will show a guide to the construction of this playsuit. Sorry about the bad quality of the photos. I took them at night with my phone camera… I just couldn’t wait till morning to piece them together and see if they’ll fit… Which they didn’t 😦 Yet…

Now… We start off with a piece of rectangle. At this point you’re probably confused… I get it. I usually make playsuits by either crocheting the shorts and the top separately, then attaching them together, or by crocheting the shorts and then work up to make the top. This way is easier! I promise! So back to the rectangle… Crochet a piece of rectangle (I use double crochets here, but you can use whatever stitch you want) that will cover the bottoms of your crotch, your belly and at least the bottom half of your breasts. Make sure to check it against your body! Lay the crochet piece so that it’ll fit the contours and bumps of your body! For width, you want the rectangle to be able to go around the biggest part of your bum (thank God the size of my bum didn’t change!).


Once you’ve created your rectangle, you now want to add the shorts bit and the top bits. This will be hard for me to explain but here goes… As you can see from the picture below, I’ve crocheted another 3 smaller rectangles. While they are connected at the top, they are not connected at the sides. These will be the legs of your shorts. I crocheted 3 since the bigger of the smaller rectangles will be folded in half, while the other 2 will be sewed together.

The blue lines are the 2 smaller rectangle pieces that will be sewed together to create a pant leg, while the red line is the pant leg that will be folded in half where the green line is.

After the shorts, you can now crochet the top part however you want. I just did a normal tank top. Once that’s done, you can fold the crochet in half (as shown by the green line) and sew the straight edge together, as well as the crotch.

Sew along the purple lines!

Then add some straps and whatever else you want and you’re done!

Once again, sorry for the bad pictures but hopefully it’s clear enough so you’ll at least get the gist of it…

As for me, I will be sewing more for the meantime. I have a maternity dress I’m dying to show off but I can’t wear it yet since it’s still so darn windy here! Hopefully, it’ll be up in this blog soon!

Oh yeah, note to self… Don’t forget to get the baby a cot and maybe sew and/or crochet some clothes for the bubba?


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