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Homemade Foundation…? Does it really work?

So, I don’t usually make any New Year’s resolution. But this year is different. Since finding out that we will be having a girl, I’ve been thinking a lot about makeup. I love wearing makeup! I wear makeup not because I think I’m ugly. On the contrary, I am happy with the way I look naturally without makeup. Thanks to my mum I inherited a nice, clear, smooth skin. I do have a bit of redness but that’s only when I come into contact with cats because I’m allergic to them. And my dark under eye… Well, that’s going to be there for a while because of the kids… Nevertheless, I am always confident to go out into the world with just my bare face (actually, I always have sunscreen and moisturizer on. Very important!). But I do like putting on makeup. I like to consider myself quite creative and I found applying makeup to just be another outlet for my creativity (plus them dark under eye, guys…).

Anyways, as I was saying, since finding out that we will be having a girl this time, I found that I think about makeup a lot more. There is no doubt in my mind that my daughter will eventually wear makeup too because of me. I’m completely fine with that, as long as her reasons for wearing makeup is not because she thinks she’s ugly… But then I started thinking about the chemicals in general makeup products. If she’s lucky, she will go through puberty and teenage years with minimal breakouts and not a single bit of excess oil on her face. If she follows her dad and my younger brother, however… Let’s just say she might turn to makeup earlier than I did… (I didn’t actually start wearing makeup until I had my first son!) But putting on makeup when you’re going through breakouts will only make it worse! Oh, what to do?!?!

So in the New Year, I made the conscious but hard decision to switch almost all my general makeup products to a more homemade, natural one.

Let me tell you, it was not easy at all!

First, the ingredients to make these homemade natural makeup cost quite a bit. But then again, thinking how much I’ve spent on my makeup, it’s probably cheaper. Still, the initial start up cost is still an investment.

Second, there’s a ton of recipes online! While this can be a good thing, I found it quite hard to choose which one I want to try.

Third, once I started, I found that the powders doesn’t work! I ended up having to throw them away and that’s more of a waste!

But I did it in the end.

Below is a picture of what I made!


I used this recipe to create my cream foundation. See those two pots with the dark colored creams? Those are my foundation. Yes, they look way too dark for my skin, but they actually go on super sheer. I could’ve added zinc oxide to make it lighter in the pot, but I didn’t have any on hand… The zinc would probably also add coverage as well. Nevertheless, they go on sheer and oily. It gives a super light coverage that slightly evens out my skin tone and cover a tiny bit of imperfections. It definitely needs to be set! So I set it with those with white powder in the jar there. That is just arrowroot powder. I found that those flour alone is a good enough setting powder for me. Now the foundation recipe calls for cinnamon. While that’s okay in the foundation, next time I make a batch, I will not be adding it again. The cinnamon (or the ones I bought anyways) just do not blend! I had to put on a lot of powder just to brush them cinnamon away! I am happy, overall, though with how the foundation turned out. It took a bit of experimentation (and nearly giving up) to make it work, but I made it work 🙂

Now on to some selfies!

Here is my bare face.
:O Oh my! Look how dark the foundation looks dotted all over!
After it all has been blended using a flat top brush.
Yes, that is how much powder was required…
After powdering.
After concealer and powder. I used a Maybelline concealer.
Full face of makeup with added blush, eye makeup and lipstick! 

To make the comparison easier, here are some more selfies!

Before (left) and after (right) foundation
Concealer and powder on (left) vs full face of makeup (right)
Clockwise from top left: Bare face, foundation only, concealer and powder added, full face of makeup.

I found that there is a very subtle difference. After putting on the rest of the makeup though, everything looks alright 🙂

Next I will foray into the world of blushes! This should hopefully be more fun…

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