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Homemade Lotion/Massage Bar

Wow.. 2 posts in two days… I must be on a roll… Maybe because crochet takes a while to make but it’s easy to make several beauty items in a day.

So, yesterday, after being satisfied with how my homemade foundation looks and wear throughout the day, I came home and decided I wanted to make something else. Since it was getting dark already, I thought I’ll make blushes on another day where it’s nice and bright so I can take better pictures. So I decided on making some lotion/massage bars and deodorants.

Ever since moving to Palmerston North, I have been going to Lush at least once a week. Back in Auckland, there was no Lush stores near me. But here, there’s one 10 minutes away! I’ve been back there so many times, my husband said they should just give me a membership card or something… Anyways, in the weekend, my husband was helping his dad move some hay bales. They moved 150-200 hay bales in the space of 2 hours. You can imagine that kind of physical work of bending and lifting can take a toll on a guy, even a big guy like my husband. His back was so sore! I then remembered that Lush has a massage bar that is said to be good on sore muscles. When we went in there the girl serving us showed us the Hottie. I bought one but it was $16.50! I’ve been massaging Morgan’s back with it and I’ve found that it gets quite oily, it’s a warming oil and that it can last us quite a while, even with how much I use (I’ve been using it every night on Morgan and he is quite a big guy as well).

But $16.50??? I can make my own! And that’s exactly what I did! I followed 2 recipes. One is from Humblebee and Me  and the other one is from Modern Bohemian Lifestyle. I found some cute molds to put them in from the op shop 🙂

Sorry about the mess on the first picture…

The heart-shaped massage bars are made using Marie Rayma’s (Humblebee and Me) recipe and the Mew one is made using MBL’s recipe. I think I put too much beeswax in the heart-shaped ones because they just don’t glide as easily. The Mew one is much nicer though! I found that both of them do not melt and give as much oil as the one from Lush, but that’s a good thing since the Hottie can produce way too much oil for my liking!

Nevertheless, I like them both!

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