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DIY Cream Blush/Lip Balm using Superfoods Powder

I have a confession to make… Well, several confessions…

  1. I cried while making these guys today… I threw out everything I made today and that is such a waste of money!
  2. Superfoods powder like beetroot powder do not work.
  3. Now I have to invest another $100+ in my quest to make homemade, natural makeup.

There you have it. I threw out everything I made today… I am running low on coconut oil and I’m completely out of shea butter. I wasted so much products today. To be honest, the foundation I made yesterday was thrown out too. The fact of the matter is using powder like cocoa powder, beetroot powder and other powder meant for consumption just doesn’t work. Yes, they might be cheaper than micas and oxides, but they don’t work and you’l just end up throwing them and your money away. They just don’t mix and blend.

Today I tried to follow 2 recipes to make lip balm/blush. One is from Jenni Raincloud and the other is from Wellness Mama. Don’t get me wrong! Their recipes are great! It’s my fault that I used powders that won’t mix and blend. So many people used cocoa powder and beetroot powder to make their foundation, blush and lip balm, that I thought, why not?

At the start, it looks promising.

Look at those nice colours!

Then as they harden, the colored powder I used sank to the bottom while the balm itself stayed on top.

The powder just separated from the balm.

I tried mixing them around.

Looks promising…

But when I smeared them on my face, the colored powders are just dotting my face all over! Even trying to brush them away with my arrowroot powder doesn’t work!

I look like I have a rash…
They did okay on my lips. There’s barely any colors but they’re moisturizing.

I’m afraid I threw them away anyways. If I don’t completely love it, then I won’t use it…

Here’s to another $100+ that I will be investing and hopefully this time I won’t waste them.


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