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Date Night Maternity Dress

Yes! I finally get to wear my dress!!! I made this a few months ago but haven’t had the chance to wear it till now.

This is a wrap maternity dress. It’s tied at the side and is easily adjustable as I get on with my pregnancy. I can even wear this when I’ve finished giving birth and lose all the baby weight I gain (cross my fingers I can stick to my diet once the baby’s out).

The idea came once I saw this. It’s so beautiful and I want one, but I don’t want to buy one from a maternity shop since I can guarantee they’ll be super expensive. So I thought, why not make it since it’ll be cheaper? I don’t remember how much the fabric itself cost, but I know this whole dress was created with less than $20NZD. I thought I can make it adjustable so it’ll fit as I progress. Then at the end when I’ve lost all the baby weight, I can adjust it some more (if I need to) so I can fit it best.

I admit it’s not the best construction but I like it anyways. The only problem is that I don’t have a bra that plunges that deep, so I have to pin it up higher, which makes the top ends of the dress fold and crease on itself.

I look super pregnant, even though I still have 3 months to go… Plus, weird food angle…!
You see how the top part doesn’t actually lay flat? That’s cause I have to pin it up higher…

Just for fun, here’s my makeup for the date night 🙂 P70119-144747[1].jpg

We went to see Moana, by the way, and it’s such a nice movie! I even teared up a bit when the grandma died and came back as a sting ray!


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