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Crochet Wire Ring and Bracelet

I’m taking a break from making homemade makeup. I am also taking a break from crocheting a blanket. For those you that read my last post all the way to the bottom, you would’ve known that I’m currently crocheting a blanket, which is why I haven’t posted about crochet in a while. After all, crocheting a blanket takes ages! But I still wanted post something.

While scrolling through Etsy, I happened upon a crochet wire ring for sale. It comes to under $30NZD. I considered buying it, but then I thought, since it’s crochet, why not try make it? I have all the tools anyways. Long ago, I tried making wire rings but I bought the wrong kind of wire and they didn’t turned out so well…

While I am using only thin craft wire here, the videos and blog posts I’ve seen and read mentioned that beginners should try using craft wire first, just to get the hang of it. So that’s what I did.

FYI, the videos and blog posts also mentioned that using 28 gauge wire is best, and to not use a bamboo crochet hook.

After watching several videos, I found that crocheting a wire jewelry isn’t all that hard if you are already a crocheter. Basic wire jewelry only requires you to know how to make a slipknot, chain and single crochet. If you have never crochet before though, I suggest watching a tutorial on how to do all this. Find a video for basic crochet in general. I found that most video on crochet wire jewelry are either old (so the quality isn’t that great) or can be rather confusing since it’s harder to see the loops and knots on wires versus on yarns.

I found that with wire jewelry, you want to flatten and stretch out the wire a bit after crocheting it. It looks nicer and feels better on your skin. Also when making a ring, try making it smaller than the actual circumference of your finger. Since you’ll be stretching the ring after crocheting it, making one that fits around your finger before the stretching means that the ring will be too big.

In one night, I quickly whipped up 3 rings and a bracelet. I should’ve made a cuff instead since I barely managed to slip the bracelet through. If you want to make a bracelet I suggest buying some clasps. I also made my first ring too loose since I didn’t realize that stretching it will make it bigger.



I personally like the pearl ring best. It’s so simple to make! Just thread one pearl bead into the wire, do some chain stitches, push the pearl behind your hook just before you make another chain, then continue with some more chains until it’s just short of going around your finger. Fasten off and use the tail to create a ring. Ta-da! It looks so pretty! But unfortunately, on my chubby fingers, it doesn’t look so good.. The bracelet was also easy to make. Just thread the beads and do rows of single crochet, the slip stitch the two ends together and you got a bracelet!


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