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Agatha the Spider Crochet Music Box

Lydia Tresselt is the brilliantly creative designer and owner of Laylala. I’ve always admired her crochet works and have always wanted to make something of hers. So recently, when I found myself with a little bit of spare money after paying the bills, I decided to buy one of her crochet kits. With the upcoming arrival of our new baby, I thought that the Agatha crochet kit would be a brilliant project. I bought the purple kit (but there are 2 other colors available), along with the additions of a 3.25mm Clover Soft Touch crochet hook and the code card for the crochet pattern. The kits comes with the cotton yarns to make Agatha, polyfiber fill, eyes, beads, stitch markers, tapestry needle and, of course, the music box insert. Honestly, the music box is the thing I’m most excited about! Even more so because it plays the Harry Potter theme song! I love Harry Potter! I’m a Harry Potter Geek! I’m in the house Gryffindor and my patronus is a hedgehog, by the way 🙂 Anyways… All in all, including shipping, the kit comes to just below $60NZD. It took a week and one day for the kit to arrive at my doorstep from Germany. Everything is packages beautifully but as soon as I got it, I opened it and get on to making Agatha, effectively ruining the lovely packaging Lydia has put together. I just couldn’t wait!

In all my excitement, I managed to finish crocheting Agatha in one night. It took me less than an hour the next day to put decorations on her. Originally, Agatha, being a spider, has 3 eyes on each side. But I didn’t want my Agatha to have 6 eyes, so I stick with just 2 (one on each side). I realize that’s not the right amount of eyes for a spider, but what the hey, she’s mine and I can make her however I like. I also put the beads supplied in a pattern that I like as well. I like personalizing her!

The crochet pattern is easy to follow, although if you are a total beginner, you might be a tad confused. You see, from what I’ve experienced, most patterns are written like this: “ch1, *sc in next sc, 2sc in next sc,* repeat from * to *around.” Lydia’s pattern, however, are written like this: “[sc1, inc] 5x” or “sc10, sl st 12, sc 10.” So I think it would be best that, if you are a total beginner, you crochet a few other things first, just so that you’re familiar with the way crochet patterns are written.

Now to pictures! Also, please excuse my table and my messy, unmade bed (which you can see on the reflection of the mirror…)


Head on over to my Instagram to see Agatha in action!

I think that Agatha would make a great decoration for the baby’s room! I am planning to make some more pull music toy as I’ve managed to find a seller on Aliexpress that sells music boxes 🙂


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