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Maternity Look Book: DIY Maternity Clothes!

As my tummy gets bigger, I found that more and more pants are no longer comfortable on me. I knew it would come to this point… So I’ve been busy making skirts and dresses for the last few months. My aim was to make pretty maternity dresses and I think I pretty much nailed it 🙂

The first thing I knew I wanted to make was a pretty maternity wrap maxi dress. Back when my tummy was still at the stage to make people wonder whether I’m pregnant or have just gained weight, I saw this more heavily pregnant lady in the mall wearing a beautiful wrap dress. I saved that image to be used as inspiration later on when my tummy gets bigger. And now it has! You’ve most likely seen this dress from my date night post. It’s not the best picture, but the original post has the link to the video that inspired and helped me.


Sorry… I was rushing to take these 2 pictures below before it becomes dark outside…

You can see, however, that it crossed at the front when wrapped and it tied at the side. The bottom of the dress is rounded to create that tulip wrap effect.

My next inspiration came to me when I was walking around the mall, lamenting the fact that I am unable to wear all my cute playsuits this summer since none of them will fit around my big belly. Then I thought, why not make one? At first I created a jumpsuit. But that failed horribly… So I scraped that and looked online for more inspiration. Then I came across a picture of suspenders pants. And I thought, I could do this easily! I have a pair of Thai fisherman pants that I don’t really like (they were given to me) and I can just modify it!


All I did was shorten the length of the pants. From the cutoffs of those pants, I created two “suspenders” and crossed them at the back. I made a button hole at the front and inserted the tie that I have already unpick from the pants and ta da! They’re super comfy and I think they look cute! Ignore that little green bit hanging out of my right thigh… I forgot to cut off the “suspenders.”

Last but not least, I made a couple of skirts 🙂

The red skirt is just a simple straight skirt. I used the measurement of my belly, sew the 2 ends together, insert elastic through and hem the edges.

The patterned skirt is a pencil skirt made from super stretchy materials. I followed this instructions 🙂

And there you have it! My maternity outfit when it’s not just maternity tops and leggings 🙂


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