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Updated Homemade Makeup Collection

I am finished 🙂 This has been a long, expensive, stressful, sometimes tearful, but overall fun and satisfying journey. As some of you may recall, my New Year’s resolution was to replace my store-bought makeup with homemade makeup. At first, I wanted to replace everything. But then I realized that there’s just some stuff I cannot let go, like the lipstick my husband bought me ❤ and my eye shadows. So I rewrite my New Year’s resolution, to replace MOST of my store-bought makeup. Now I can successfully say I’ve done it 🙂 It wasn’t easy. There were many failures, many tears shed when I have to throw away products and realized I’ve wasted money and many temptations of just giving up and buying all these new makeup that has just come out. But I kept going, with the help and encouragement of my husband. Yes, the initial cost of buying all the ingredients can be darned expensive, especially when whatever you’re making failed and you have to throw it away and order more ingredients. But in the long run, I think I’ll save a lot more money, especially since every season, without a doubt, makeup companies will keep introducing new products to their line.

So here is what my makeup collection looks like now:


Starting from the top in that green container, sitting on top of my Kat von D’s Shade and Light Eye Palette, is a Maskcara Pearl highlighter that I really like; my homemade deodorant is in the plastic container; sitting on top of that container is a Lush massage bar; beside it wrapped in paper is a homemade lotion bar; and there’s my arrowroot starch! The jar beside the large plastic container is homemade whipped body butter/lotion. In the container itself there is my Too Faced Peanut Butter palette, my Colourpop eye shadow collection and my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Sitting on top of the Colourpop eye shadows is my homemade pressed  foundation powder and on top of that is a homemade blush and bronzer duo (to see how I’ve pressed them, click here). I used a ZA and Essence compact. That round container is a loose blush. Beside my Double Wear, in the red cap is Marie Rayma’s Winterlight Argan Serum and, in the black cap, is a homemade liquid foundation (the recipe is in Marie Rayma’s book!) The glass jar contained my mineral loose foundation and the two black containers you see beside it are my homemade mascara.  Then you’ll see a Revlon Matte Balm in the shade Sultry that my husband bought for me, a Maybelline and LA Girl liquid concealers, and, hidden underneath it all, a store-bought liquid eyeliner. The white bottle cap is currently empty. Then you’ll see all my lip products 🙂

I hope that wasn’t confusing…

On to application and more detailed reviews 🙂 As always all pictures are taken with natural lighting and no filters are applied to any of these photos 🙂

Hello! This is my bare face with just moisturizer and sunscreen on (store-bought).
Then I put the Winterlight Argan Serum on my T-zone. This is supposed to brighten and fill in pores, although the difference is minimal.
This is after I applied my homemade liquid foundation. Depending on what oil you use, the consistency will be different. I use a mixture of argan and jojoba oil and the foundation turned out quite thick (but not heavy). Next time I want to try using a lighter oil. I also want to make the color a bit lighter as this is actually a bit too dark for my face.
To set and lighten my face I actually just use pure arrowroot starch! It works brilliantly! My face is super soft afterwards!

Before I continue, I want to show you guys powder products in more detailed. You can see my loose bush, my compact foundation, my blush and bronzer duo and my mineral foundation in the picture on the left. The picture on the right shows you what the blushes and bronzer look like swatched. I swatched them incorrectly… So from the left is the bronzer, then the compact blush and then the loose blush. The loose blush is quite light and you almost can’t see it, but on my cheeks it’s a very nice subtle powder pink.

I then applied bronzer and blushes on the left side of my face first so you can hopefully see the difference. I use the loose powder first on my cheekbone, then the pressed blush on just the center of my cheek.
I did my eyes off camera with my Shade and Light palette. At this point I have liquid foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush and eye shadows on.
Here’s what my lashes looks like before I applied mascara.
Here’s what they looked like after! I used an old Essence mascara wand that I’ve cleaned and bend. The mascara itself contains only 4 ingredients; castor oil, kaolin clay, black iron oxide and beeswax. The mascara does transfer but it works! Next time I’ll try the mascara in the Make It Up book.
A close up of what my lashes look like. I’m not the best at applying mascara, plus I’ve got thick hooded lids, so my mascara will always transfer during application no matter what I use.

I didn’t take pictures or anything, but after this step I sprayed my face with some mist. It’s literally just water and witch hazel mixed together. It just takes away all the powdery-ness. Usually I’d spayed it before mascara, but today I forgot to do that, so I just did it after.

The final look with my new pink lip color!

I have also created 16 different lip colors!!! I can’t put then all in this post or they’ll be super long… So look forward to my updated lip collection that will hopefully be up tomorrow!

Also, if you have noticed that the original foundation (created from Wellness Mama’s recipe)  I created with my mineral powder is no longer in the collection, that is because I have threw it away. Unfortunately, after a day, the consistency of that foundation changes and it no longer blends… I have to say I love Marie Rayma’s version so much more!!!

5 thoughts on “Updated Homemade Makeup Collection

    1. Exactly why I did it! Plus I’m pregnant with a baby girl and can you imagine all the junk she’ll put on her face when she’s a teenager and has breakouts??? It’ll just make the breakouts worst! I thought I should change my makeup to be an example for her 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂


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