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Updated Homemade Lipstick Collection

This will probably be my last post on homemade makeup for a while. Like I said in my last blog post, I am finished making homemade makeup. I have everything I need . Currently I am just using up my concealers. Once I’ve finished them, then I will probably try to make some concealer. But until then, I have accomplished what I have set out to do.

In this post I will be showing you my updated lipstick collection. I know I just did this not too long ago, but since then I’ve really expanded my collection.

Just a few notes though before I start to barrage you with tons of pictures…

  • I use this recipe from Humblebee and Me. I used this first half to make the base and then add my own colors. I also used the color combination in Marie Rayma’s book.
  • Also, the only color you won’t see in this collection is a true red and a nude. Mostly because it turned out they’re really hard to create. I’ve decided to just buy those 2 shades from a natural brand company, such Burt’s Bees or Antipodes.
  • Some of my lipsticks are in a plastic pot and some are in a tube. I got the pots from the craft section at The Warehouse and I got the tubes from Kmart. They’re $4 for a pack of 5. There’s already lip balms in them, but I just scrape those out.

For more detailed explanations on each shade, please read the caption.

Otherwise, here comes the pictures!

The biggest pot and the tube standing on its own beside it are lip balms. 

I’ll try to go in order from top to bottom, left to right for the first 9 tubes.


I don’t know why that last color is so sheer… I think I didn’t mix it properly…
On the lips, that red one doesn’t actually look that red…
These are the 2 lip balms. They give out really nice colors! I make up my own recipe for the lip balms. 

Now,on to swatches on my lips! As always, I took photos in front of natural lighting and there’s no filters.

My bare lips for reference.
This coral pink lip balm is actually Lush’s Ultrabalm. I melted it, put a bit of color in it, then pour it into the original container and let it cool.  
This lip balm is my own creation and is a nice pinkish-red color. 

From here on are lipsticks. I tried to keep to the same order as the swatches on my hands. All the lipsticks in the tube looks darker then it actually is. I apply my lipsticks either straight from the tube or by using my fingers first. I then take a lip brush to neaten the edges. Here I applied them to their full opacity so you can see the colors. Usually, I like to apply the lipsticks with my fingers to get a nice, natural look.


Again, this is the shade that’s quite sheer. I think I mixed this incorrectly. 


And that’s it! I don’t know when my next post on homemade makeup will be, but if you’ve been with me through this whole journey, thanks for sticking by and I hope you’ve enjoyed the whole thing!


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