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Liquid Gloss Lipstick Hybrid?

Marie Rayma did it again! She came up with another brilliant, yet easy recipe that I just had to try right away! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then let me introduce you to Marie, the creator of the blog Humblebee and Me and author of Make It Up. Go on and check her out first. I’ll wait.

Hi, you’re back! Did you wander through pages and pages of easy, simple, effective and it-actually-works recipes and possibly even tried out a few yourself? I know I did when I first found her blog! But I’m glad you’re back!

So, you’d see that her latest blog post is this thing called the Highlighting Moon Drops. Highlighters are so in right now. Every single makeup company is coming out with some sort of highlighters. I must admit that my first attempt at making highlighters did not turned out well (I didn’t follow Marie’s recipe, which is probably why it failed), so when Marie put out this recipe, I jumped straight to it!

But, wait…? I thought this blog post was supposed to be something about a lip product?

Well, it is. You see,when I first saw the blog posts and pictures, my immediate thought was, “Wow! This would make a wonderful lipstick!” I have been lusting over those liquid lipsticks that are more like opaque glosses, that dries down to a matte or a lipstick finish, like the ones they sell at Lush (never tried those ones before, but I will one day). Like actual lipsticks that has been melted and stay liquid, instead of hardening again. And yes, I know Marie has an actual liquid lipstick recipe in her book, but with a new baby coming in less than 3 weeks, I cannot actually afford to buy more ingredients. Babies are expensive! So when I saw that Marie’s recipe only uses 3 ingredients that I already have, I was like, “Score!”

So I started out the process by using sericite mica and rice bran oil (which are the substitute Marie gave if you don’t have the other 2 ingredients like I did) and then I added gold mica. This, of course, makes a gold highlighter. Very pretty! The consistency was not too liquid-y but it’s not an actual cream as well. It can also blend really well. Next I added some red pigments and wa-lah! I have a red lipstick with gold shimmers! Just like the ones they sell at Lush!

Now to be sure, theses are not your traditional liquid lipstick. They will not dry down. They will transfer, and depending on what pigments/oil you use, they may or may not be a matte finish. I used rice bran oil, which is nice and light and can possibly become matte. However, because of the gold mica, my lipstick is not matte. If you want to give the recipe a go, but you want a matte finish, you might have to experiment there…

They are, however, very comfortable to wear, stay put for 6 hours (possibly longer), leaves a nice stain and is not drying (unlike traditional liquid lipsticks). These qualities are exactly what I’m looking for! I wore this lipstick all day, with no touch-ups and they held up through 2 sandwiches, a dinner which consisted of salmon and lots of drinking straight from a bottle. To proof it, here are some pictures:

I put on this lipstick at approximately 10.15 am. This is what the lipstick looked like after about 3 minutes of it being on. 
This was taken approximately an hour later, before lunch. 
This is what the lipstick looked like after lunch (peanut butter and jelly sandwich, btw). 
This one was taken around 4.30 pm, before making dinner. 
An hour later, after having a dinner of salmon and some water to drink. 
In this picture, I actually wiped off whatever was left on my lips (which was still a decent amount) and this is what is left behind. To be fair, if you only pat your lips gently after eating, then there would probably be a lot more left on your lips than in the above picture.
I drank some tea and this is what’s left. 
At 5.50 pm, I wiped off all my makeup with some micellar water and these are what my lips looked like when they’re absolutely clean.
At the end of the day, I am totally happy with this lip product! I don’t know what to call it, since it’s not exactly a lipstick, but it’s not glossy either but it won’t dry down and be matte like a traditional liquid lipsticks either. But who cares?! I love it!


7 thoughts on “Liquid Gloss Lipstick Hybrid?

    1. Hi, most of the recipes I do in this blog are from HumbleBee and Me. So look through that blog and you’ll see lots of lipstick recipes 🙂 I really only make and review the recipes. Hope this helps 🙂


  1. Hi, could you share which pigment you are using? I keep trying to do this with mica, but it is just too shimmery. Did you use iron oxides? Please help, thank you.


    1. Hi, I used F&D Red Lake number 6 or 7. Sorry I couldn’t remember the specific one since I’ve run out already.. But definitely don’t use mica if you don’t want shimmer. Use F&D Lake colours, iron oxides, carmine (not vegan), or the matte pigments from Aromashoppe. Hope that helps 🙂


      1. Thank you…I have heard of all of those except the matte pigments from Aroma Shoppe. I will take a look. Thanks again!


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