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Crochet Crop Top Sweater with Briar Patch’s Cream Merino Yarn

Hello blogging world! It’s been a while! Well, you know how it is with a newborn… Sleep becomes more of a priority!

Well, anyways, about a month ago I saw a post on Facebook from Briar Patch. They were having 50% off their entire stock because they are unable to sell their freshly shorn wool because the international market for the wool industry has just crashed! They needed the cash flow to keep the business going, so they were having a sale that’s below their cost! Me, being a good kiwi, supporting a kiwi company, decided to buy some! So I bought 8 balls of their Merino yarn in Cream. They had so much order, it took them a wee while to send my yarns, but the wait was so worth it!!! The yarns are beautiful! It’s so soft and squishy! It’s actually so nice to just touch it and squeeze it!

I already had a project in mind when buying this yarn. A few years ago, I made a couple of crop top sweaters. I think I must’ve given them away when moving houses… But I’ve been wanting to make one again, especially since it turned out I don’t have many tops for winter! So when I saw the yarns on sale, I snapped them up! It’ll be extra warm during winter as well! (I came from a tropical country and I just moved to colder region of NZ… )

This is the finished product! I love it!


I will share a guide on how to make this, but I can’t show you a complete pattern, as it will need to be adjusted for each person.

So I used a 5.5mm crochet hook and 8 balls of Cream Merino yarn from Briar Patch to make mine, and the guide from my previous post. Please go see the graph and read through the post so you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I’ll wait right here till you’re finished 🙂

Hi! You’re back! So you’ve read the post? Good! Now you’ll hopefully be able to understand the guide I’m about to give you.

I started this top by chaining 106. This means I am using the graph for 12 years old. Now, I am a small woman. My clothes are mostly size small. So I’d like to say that if you are a size small, use the graph for 12 years old. If you’re size medium, use the graph for 14 years old, and if you’re size large, use the graph for 16 years old. I have never make the size medium or large, so I can’t be sure it’ll fit, but since crochet is so easy to unravel, feel free to try different hooks, yarns, chains and sizes to find the perfect fit for you.

Anyways, I did an extra 2 chains after the 106 chains. Then, like the graph told me to, I did 16 hdc, ch 1, 21 hdc, ch 1, 32 hdc, ch 1, 21 hdc, ch 1 and 16 hdc. Yes, I know the post said to do dc, but I did hdc in this one since I think it’ll be warmer and less open. Then in the next rows, I did increases by doing a 1 hdc, ch 1, 1 hdc in each rows’ ch 1s. After about 15 or 16 rows, I joined the piece as instructed from the previous post. Then I crocheted in rounds for about 17 or 18 rounds. Once that’s done, I fastened off, and start crocheting in the rounds at the armholes to create the sleeves. I purposefully made the sleeves and the body of the top to be shorter than intended since I will be making bands for them.

To make the bands, I chain 11, sc in the back loop only of the 2nd ch from hook and in each st’s back loop across. I chain 1, turn, and continue making sc in the back loop of every stitch. I continue doing this until the band is just short of going round my wrists and waist, when not stretched. You want the band to be just a bit short, since it will eventually stretch out naturally anyways. Then I stitch the bands on to the ends of the sleeves and body.

When I tried the top on, the neck was still a bit too open for me, so I crocheted another 2 rows around the neck.

To make the lace, I use a cotton yarn and a 4mm crochet hook, and a Romanian Lace Cord tutorial.  Although, you can really make the lace however way you want using whatever you want. To finish off, I thread the lace through the ch 2’s!


And here’s me wearing it! Excuse my tummy, I’m trying to lose all the weight I gain from both pregnancies…



Also, I forgot to put on lipstick so I looked weird… Sorry…

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