Collective Haul – Organic, Natural Products!

So we’re doing something a bit different today here… I’m going to share with you some stuff I recently bought! I’ve never really done this kind of blog post before, so please be kind 🙂

Last week was my birthday. Yay! I received some money to buy my own present (I don’t like surprises/unexpected stuff, so money is really the best gift for me…) as well as some tax refunds. Yay! Since it’s my birthday, I decided to go a bit crazy and buy some stuff!

I bought the stuff below from several different shops.


I bought the Rose Hip Oil and the Cranberry Antioxidant Facial Oil from my local pharmacy. I wasn’t planning on buying these facial oils  but they were at 50% off! I’m glad I did though. They smell so nice and fruity! I only wish the Rose Hip Oil did not come with a pump. I like my oils to come with a dropper…

The bottle above the cranberry oil is a bottle of jasmine essential oil (3%) diluted in jojoba oil from Pure Nature. I’ve shopped from Pure Nature a few times before and I’ve always loved their service! This particular bottle arrived on my doorstep a day after I ordered it! I’ve bought a sample bottle of this oil before.  The sample bottle is 5ml, while the bottle I’ve just bought is 50ml. I believe they also sell the oil in a 100ml bottle. Anyways, I love jasmine! It is my favourite scent! It reminds me of my grandmother’s house since she had a jasmine bush right by her front gate. But pure jasmine essential oil is incredibly expensive! They’re not called the king for nothing! So I bought mine diluted in jojoba oil. This has several advantages. One, it’s cheaper but still has the same jasmine scent that’s indistinguishable from the pure essential oil version. Two, I can use this straight on my skin since it’s diluted. And three, I can use the jojoba oil in other recipes and whatever I make will smell like jasmine! All Pure Nature oils comes in a dropper, by the way!

Next, the tube of lip balm beside the jasmine oil is a Weleda Tinted Lip Balm in Rose. I also bought this in my local pharmacy. It’s expensive for a lip balm, but it is really nice! It has a hint of a pink colour and some shimmer, but I think it’s still pretty. You will see swatches later.

The packet of tubes and the 2 containers underneath it are from Amor Aromatherapy. Again, I’ve bought from this shop a few times before, mostly for their micas because they stock a lot of it! There’s only 1 lady working in this shop and she only does this once she finished her daytime job, so it can take a few days for your order to ship. But I do love her service! She is very helpful and friendly! This time around I bought 5 empty lip gloss tubes. They came with a doe foot applicator and a stopper each. I also bought 2 micas. I bought 5 grams of bronze mica and 1 gram of white/silver mica. The bronze mica is beautiful on it own, but the silver/white mica is mostly glitter and has to be mixed with other ingredient for it to work.


Then, I discovered a new shop called Oh Natural! in Instagram. They stock a large range of natural products both from NZ and worldwide. From here I bought 3 items, a rose mist toner, a bergamot and lime toner and a lipstick. I originally also ordered a perfume. However, not long after I paid for the items, the lady who runs the shop, Jenna, messaged me to informed me that the perfume is actually out of stock. She offered to either refund me for the perfume, send the perfume when it’s in stock or I can replace the perfume with something else. I chose to be refunded. The refund came in quite quickly and my items arrived quite quickly as well!

I love the mist! It has a soft rose scent and the mist is quite fine! This means I can use it to set my makeup so it won’t look powdery without having drops of water ruining it!

I also love the deodorant! You might recall that I actually made my own deodorant once. However, after a while, the deodorant start to irritate my skin and it was quite gritty. So I stopped wearing deodorant altogether (TMI!) and only use an aerosol deodorant from the supermarket when I’m going out. I don’t like using aerosols since the smell just go everywhere and makes me cough. Unfortunately, NZ supermarkets do not stock balm-type deodorant. So I was really happy to find the Schmidt’s deodorant in the Oh Natural! website! They have several scents but I decided to go with the bergamot and lime one since I thought it would smell fresh. And it does! And it’s not gritty! And I know all the ingredients that are used in this deodorant! I’ve only worn this for a few days so I don’t know whether it’ll irritate me later on, but I will let you know if it does. The only problem with this deodorant is that, it was hard to twist the product up and now that it’s up, I can’t twist it down again. Fortunately, the cap still fits without crushing the product!


I have to say I’m bit disappointed in the lipstick. It came in a pretty packaging. The pretty cloth wrapped around it can be used to wipe down lenses (and I do use it to wipe the lenses on my glasses) and I do know most of the ingredients. The tube itself almost has a velvety feeling which is very nice. However, I didn’t realize how small it would be. I also didn’t realize how sheer it is. The description on the website said that it would be a sheer to medium coverage, but in reality, it’s barely noticeable. In the tube and in hand swatches the colour is pretty, but I just can barely notice it on my lips. Now, it could be because of the shade. I think that if I bought a deeper shade, like a red or a berry shade, it’ll show up more, but for the price and size, I don’t think I want to buy another shade.




Left: Peach Melon from Luk Beautifood. Right: Weleda Tinted Lip Balm in Rose.

I put on about 3 or 4 layers of the lipstick in the lip swatch above. And as a result, the amount of lipstick decreased quite a bit. It was originally sitting flush with the top of the tube. The only good thing I can say about the product is that it’s moisturizing on the lips.


I still would like to recommend Jenna and Oh Natural! though! Just not the Luk Beautifood lipsticks…

That’s all for my haul this time around! I recommend all the stores I shop from! I might be buying more mica. If I do, I would do a mica collection post, but we’ll see 🙂


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