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I made my own crochet hooks!

I don’t know whether I was scrolling through Instagram or exploring Etsy, but whichever it is, I came across some hand carved crochet hooks. Not hand turned, hand carved. From sticks and twigs. They looked awesome! So unique and different, but also very pretty and rustic. I could’ve just bought one of these beautiful hand carved crochet hooks (and I almost did!), but you know me, I’m slightly crazy and love a challenge!

So I searched through Youtube and Google and to see if there are any tutorials on how to hand carved my own crochet hooks. I mean, if there are some on sell at Etsy, there must be a way to make it for myself. Otherwise, how did all these people make them?

While there are a few tutorials on how to hand carve your own crochet hooks from twigs or sticks, I found that the best tutorial is this one. I really cannot tell you how to make these myself, so it’s best to watch the tutorial.

Now, mine can actually turned out better, but I’m a bit impatience. It took me a few tries and a few more fails and errors, but I actually managed to make a collection!

I used a few different knives, a few sandpapers and twigs from a tree on my parents-in-law’s property.


As you can see, I have a few different sizes and a few different head shapes. That’s mostly because I was too afraid to shape it more, since I didn’t want to break it… But they all work! I’ve sand them and shaped them so they won’t grab and tug the yarn, and while they’re not as smooth as my metal or plastic hooks, I am in love with them! I can’t wait to use them! Especially my 5mm crochet hook, since that’s the hook size I use the most! The best part is that they are all unique! No one will ever have the same hooks as mine! Even I can’t make one exactly the same as another! I have a few that are straight, a few that are bent and curved, a few that’s completely stripped, a few that still has barks, and a few that’s double headed!

Note: To measure the size of my hooks (and to test how smooth it is), I first attached the yarn to the hook and started making a few chains and stitches. It’s easily noticeable if the hook grabs or tugs the yarn. This means I have to sand them down more. I also take note of how far up the hook my yarn goes up to. Where the yarn goes up to the most, is where I measure the hook. I measure the shaft by holding it up against a ruler and noticing how many millimeters lines the shaft covers (this means, I’m finding the diameter of the shaft).



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