Oh Natural! – Luk Beautifood Lipstick – Review

A couple of post ago I did a post on a haul of all natural, organic products I bought for my birthday. One of the store I shopped from is Oh Natural!, a ‘conscious beauty store’ based in NZ. In that post, I featured the 3 products I bought from this store. I love 2 out the 3 products. The third product I do not love is a Luk Beautifood lipstick. I mentioned in the post that it was pricey and small. The lipstick was supposed to be a sheer to medium coverage. However, I couldn’t get the colour to show up very much on my lips even after 3 or 4 layers. I did say that it could be because of the shade I bought (a light peachy colour).

If you’ve read that last post then you know that Jenna (owner of Oh Natural!) is such a nice lady and that I love shopping from her, because of her kindness, friendliness and the fact that she stocks a lot of natural products that we can’t get here in NZ supermarkets. Well, Jenna happened to read that post! And although it was not her fault that the lipstick couldn’t show up on me (I mean, she only stocks them, not make them…), Jenna offered to send me another a darker colour free of charge! I’m telling you, she’s really nice!

And yesterday it arrived! This blog would’ve gone up yesterday, or at least already be written yesterday, but the baby was not having a good day…

The package came with a lovely handwritten note 🙂

Jenna, your shop card is so cute and pretty! I hope you don’t mind that I took a photo of it and used it as my wallpaper for my phone!

Anyways, this time around I got the totally unexpected shade of Vanilla Chocolate.

And I was excited to see that the cloth around the lipstick is different to the ones before! In case, you haven’t read my last post, every Luk Beautifood lipstick is wrapped inside a cloth that can be used for cleaning your lenses and screens. Last time, my cloth looks like this:


This time I got this:


I noticed that the images in the cloth are the actual ingredients in the lipsticks. Since my last lipstick was Peach Melon, the cloth has images of peaches and melon. This time the cloth has images of honey, vanilla pods, walnut and coffee beans since the lipstick is called Vanilla Chocolate. Both are very pretty and I will definitely get a lot of use out of them (I currently use 3 pairs of glasses interchangeably).

Here are some information about the lipstick:


Just like the last lipstick, this one has a scent as well. The last lipstick smelled very citrus-y. This one still has a citrus-y scent but not as strong. I was worried that the vanilla smell would be very strong, since I don’t like vanilla-scented anything, but I actually couldn’t make out the vanilla scent at all.

Here are some comparison swatches of the lipsticks:


I don’t know if you can tell, but the Peach Melon shade actually has a more shiny, shimmer, almost-frost finish. While the Vanilla Chocolate shade is a straight-up creme finish. As you can see, one is a peachy-pink shade, while the other is a brown shade.

Here’s what my lips looked like without anything on it:


Please note that the last time I used the Peach Melon shade, I used it on top of a clear lip balm. This is how I always used my lip products since my lips gets dry easily. The pressure I’ve applied on my lips when applying lip balm does make my lips a tinge more pink. The picture above are my lips with no lip balm at all! I didn’t applied anything, therefore,  no pressure, hence, no lip tinge.

Here’s the Peach Melon applied:


As you can see, with no lip balm underneath, the shade does show up, after 3 or  4 layers. However, since there’s no lip balm underneath and the shade is more on the shimmery side, it does, unfortunately, emphasizes my dry lips… The shade on my lips are also very natural looking and is pretty much the shade of my lips when it is tinged (minus the shimmer). So, with a lip balm and tinged lip, it usually just looked like I applied a bit of shimmer and no colour. These days, I use the lipstick as a lip balm since it is moisturizing.

Here’s what Vanilla Chocolate looks like:


Yes! I love this shade! It’s such a pretty brown-nude shade! Thank you, Jenna! You picked the perfect colour! As you can see, since my lips was already moisturized from the previous shade, the dry areas are not emphasized. It is also a creme finish, which is something I personally prefer. Vanilla Chocolate is just the perfect nude-brown shade that can be used everyday or for any occasion.

I would like to emphasize once again that I ALWAYS use a lip balm underneath my lipsticks. I didn’t apply a lip balm to the previous shade so that I can show you what kind of shade would actually show up on my lips. However, without a lip balm underneath, the shimmer in Peach Melon does emphasize dryness. And again, applying pressure on my lips gives it a pink tinge, hence why the colour doesn’t’ show up, since it’s the same colour as my lips.

Anyways, if you are in NZ, and you are looking for some natural products, please check out Oh Natural! They stock so much goodies from bath and body products, to organic food and drink, to home and living products, to makeup, scents, skincare, tanning lotion, and so much more! Jenna has even recently announced that Oh Natural! is sponsoring a little boy in India! It really makes me feel good buying products from Oh Natural! Not just because it’s all natural, but also because, as a fellow Kiwi, I love supporting our small, local business! Would I be coming back to shop here again? Definitely! Especially, when my deodorant runs out!

Update on the deodorant: There’s a bit of itchiness, but no irritation. Jenna actually has an Instagram post about switching to natural deodorant and a detoxing product for your armpit!

Also, Oh Natural! is having a 20% off all their bath products until July 10 (NZST), so go follow their Instagram to get the code!

As a last note, I would like to say thank you to Jenna for not just her out-of-the-way kindness, but also for stocking so many products we can’t find in our local supermarkets 🙂



Disclaimer: Yes, I did get the product for free, but all opinions are my own. This is a non-sponsored post.



Note: A crochet post should (hopefully) come up soon!

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