My completed Hygge CAL 2017 by Scheepjes

Here’s something I’ve been working on since before the baby was born, but have only just finished 2 weeks ago. Partly because having a newborn baby meant that it’s a bit hard to do stuff in general, and partly because I had other WIPs.

The Hygge CAL by Scheepjes is gorgeous! This is the first CAL I have ever done. The wrap use mostly single crochets to make the body of the wrap. The top and bottom of the wrap also has rows bobble stitch worked in as well. However, what I like about this CAL is that it also has surface crochet and cross stitch worked in as well! I have never done surface crochet before so it was exciting for me to learn something new. I haven’t done cross-stitching in years though so I was a bit nervous about messing it up. But cross-stitching in crochet is actually really easy! In fact, I found the cross-stitching part to be very relaxing for me. If you are like me and have hardly cross stitch (or never cross stitched before), there is a companion Youtube video you can watch to help you here.

Now, keep in mind that the photos below has not been blocked or lined (since taking the photos I have blocked the wrap, but not yet lined). Also, I didn’t use the kit provided. I went to Spotlight (the big craft and home and living store here in NZ and Australia) and picked out colours from Flinders yarn.


Overall, I have really enjoyed this CAL. I am actually planning to make a top or a skirt or a shorts that also incorporate some cross-stitch as well, but when I’d get around to it is another matter…


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