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Mica Haul and Swatches!!!

Well this has been a fun week for me!

Look at this package!


There’s micas inside!


Before I get into the swatches, I want to tell you about where I get my micas from.

I get my micas from Amor Aromatherapy. I found that they have more micas than any other shops there. The shop is run by Tania. Tania is a lovely and patience lady. I know this because I kept adding more and more micas into my orders. She was happy enough to answer all my questions and package everything into one box, so I don’t have to pay for shipping 3 times. Since Tania is the only one running this shop part-time (she works full-time at North Shore hospital, I believe) processing can take up to 5 days, especially if she has lots of orders. But shipping is usually really fast! Usually it only takes one working day for my order to arrive after the courier picks it up. Amor Aromatherapy is definitely my go-to when it comes to buying micas! And other makeup ingredients, especially if you like to make makeup using recipes from Marie Rayma (both from her website and her book). Seriously, this is where I get my oxides, magnesium myristate, magnesium stearate, silica microsphere, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, etc… Plus you get a lot for 1 gram, which is the size of the micas I just recently bought.

Anyways, back to my mica… Before this order I have 4 oxides, 1 FD&C Red Lake and 3 micas (1 from another store and 2 from Amor).

Clockwise from left to right are my oxides, my FD&C Red Lake, the swatch of the FD&C Red Lake, swatches of my gold, ice crystals and bronze mica, and the micas themselves.

Here are the new micas:

No, I didn’t buy 8 white powders. You’ll see later.

Here’ are swatches of the first 4 micas on the top row of the left picture.


From left to right: Red Brown, Sunset, Chrome Carmine, Rousillon 
Here’s the bottom 4 from the left picture:


From left to right: Oriental Beige, Tangerine Pearl, Red Gold, Duochrome Blue-Green
I bought the Duochrome Blue-Green one because the descriptions says it shimmers like a mermaid’s tail…

The white powders are interference and colour travels micas. This means, once they come in contact with your kin or another colour, they will change to another iridescent colour. I mostly bought this because I want to DIY and dupe the latest craze in the world of makeup, which is holographic rainbow unicorn/ shimmery mermaid. Any makeup lovers out there will know what I’m talking about!

Anyways, here are the top 4 micas from the right photo:


From left to right: Golden Sky, Kiwi Rose, Magic Mauve, Nordic Sunset

Here are the bottom 4 from the right photo:


From left to right: Splendid Violet, Splendid Green, Splendid Red and Splendid Blue

I wish I can upload a video of me swatching this and moving my arm so you can see the beauty of all these pigments!

But other than that, if you are a makeup lover and a DIY lover, these pigments are the answer to your Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat von D, Milk Makeup dupe!



4 thoughts on “Mica Haul and Swatches!!!

    1. Mica is used in most makeup products. If you have any eyeshadows or lipsticks, look at the ingredients list and you’ll probably see mica listed on there 🙂

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