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DIY Marie’s Airbrushing Primer Stick / Light Foundation and Stick Blush and Bronzer! Plus Liquid Highlight, Lipgloss and Lipstick Bases!

If you’ve seen my last post, then you’ll know that I recently bought a lot of micas! But I also bought some makeup ingredients like calcium carbonate, magnesium myristate, silica microsphere, cetyl alcohol and some more oils and sericite mica.

With those ingredients, I had a busy but fun day of making more makeup.

The first things I made were Marie Rayma’s Airbrushing Primer Stick. She said that this is a hybrid of primer and light foundation. I remembered making a request for a stick foundation to Marie on her blog, so I am ecstatic to see this recipe! But while reading through the recipe, I started to think about making a stick blush and bronzer/countour as well. You see, I was trying to make this pink highlighter the other night, only it failed. So now I have a pan of very sheer, but not highlight-y enough pink powder. I also have a pan of homemade bronzer, that although I like very much, I think would be better as a cream. So I played around.


Yes, they don’t look too exciting… But in the round tin is my airbrushing primer stick, then the pink tube is obviously the blush, while the brown tube is my bronzer.

Here is my bare face:


Here is my face after I applied those 3 products:


I was quite surprised at the coverage the airbrushing primer stick give! And I was right, the blush and bronzer worked better as a cream product. The products are all nice and creamy and are very easy to blend. I’m not sure how much of the bronzer and blush you can see in the picture above, but it’s much better in real life!

After I finished with that, I made 3 bases. A liquid highlight base, an opaque lipgloss base and a liquid lipstick base. The first 2 bases are Marie’s Highlighting Moon Drops. The highlight base uses silica microsphere, while the opaque lipgloss uses sericite mica. I have previously made the opaque lipgloss, and you can that post here. (I’m quite proud to say that I came up with the idea of mixing carmines/FD&C Red Lake into the base!). The liquid lipstick base is from Marie’s book Make It Up.


Basically, to use any of them, I put a bit of the base on the back of my hand, add a bit of pigments, mix it together and apply to my face/lips!

Below are the pictures of me wearing my airbrushing primer stick, blush and bronzer stick, homemade foundation (also available in the book), the liquid highlight mixed with interference red mica and liquid lipstick mixed with the sunset mica!


Wheee new makeup and so many other colours to play with!

Like the mermaid highlight below:


I don’t know if the camera was able to capture the mermaid highlight on my face, but in real life, the shimmery green-blue is a bit more noticeable (in a highlighter kind of way).

Pictures taken on a different day:




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