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Updated Homemade Makeup Collection

I am finished 🙂 This has been a long, expensive, stressful, sometimes tearful, but overall fun and satisfying journey. As some of you may recall, my New Year's resolution was to replace my store-bought makeup with homemade makeup. At first, I wanted to replace everything. But then I realized that there's just some stuff I… Continue reading Updated Homemade Makeup Collection

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Maternity Look Book: DIY Maternity Clothes!

As my tummy gets bigger, I found that more and more pants are no longer comfortable on me. I knew it would come to this point... So I've been busy making skirts and dresses for the last few months. My aim was to make pretty maternity dresses and I think I pretty much nailed it… Continue reading Maternity Look Book: DIY Maternity Clothes!

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Homemade Mineral Makeup + Liquid Foundation!

I did it! My new makeup ingredients came in the mail today and I get right on to making homemade foundation, this time using new recipes that should hopefully work (since they don't contain food ingredients). This time I followed the recipes from Humblebee and Me and Wellness Mama. I made the mineral makeup first… Continue reading Homemade Mineral Makeup + Liquid Foundation!

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Update: DIY Homemade Lip Balm Using Superfood Powder

Please see original post if you haven't already 🙂 Over the weekend, I contemplated whether or not I want to continue on this homemade makeup journey. As I sat in front of my table with my makeup drawer open, looking through the leftover makeup I have (I've sold most of them and the few I… Continue reading Update: DIY Homemade Lip Balm Using Superfood Powder