Crochet Hat For Your Dumpy Doll

One of the things I love to crochet are hats. I used to have many different crochet hats. Unfortunately, when we moved house, I gave away many of them... But I've never made a crochet hat for a toy before. So in this blog, I set out to create a pattern for my Dumpy Doll!… Continue reading Crochet Hat For Your Dumpy Doll

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Crochet Sticks and Stones Hat

You can now buy the PDF printer-friendly version of this hat pattern here! It contains none of my ramblings! my Hello! We've finished moving house and I've just finished making this new hat! Whoo! I can now get out all the pretty yarns that I have stored in boxes for this move! Hopefully, we'll stay… Continue reading Crochet Sticks and Stones Hat

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DIY Pom – Pom Fur + Guide to crocheting an owl hat!

Remember those fur cut outs from my vest? Well now is the time to do something with it! I've decided to turn them into pom-poms to add to my crochet hats 🙂 It seems to be what everyone on Instagram is doing right now... It's a simple process. All you gotta do is get those cutouts… Continue reading DIY Pom – Pom Fur + Guide to crocheting an owl hat!