Crochet Fishes – FREE PATTERN

Well, hello there! My apologies for not posting lately... I have been preoccupied with other activities. Let's see, my daughter has just started teething (1 tooth has already poked out!) so she's not sleeping as well... I've been obsessed with making homemade cold-process soaps (a pretty expensive obsession)... And we've been up to visit my… Continue reading Crochet Fishes – FREE PATTERN


Crochet Hat For Your Dumpy Doll

One of the things I love to crochet are hats. I used to have many different crochet hats. Unfortunately, when we moved house, I gave away many of them... But I've never made a crochet hat for a toy before. So in this blog, I set out to create a pattern for my Dumpy Doll!… Continue reading Crochet Hat For Your Dumpy Doll