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Crochet Magnetic Earrings!

When I was giving birth to JJ, I was told by the doctor to take off all my jewelries. Β I was going into the operating theater and they couldn't have any metal on me. Subsequently, I choose to not put any earrings on while JJ was a baby, since I was Β afraid he'd pull on… Continue reading Crochet Magnetic Earrings!


DIY Jewellery Hanger with just 3 things!

I am procrastinating... I am supposed to be writing the references to my report, but I just don't want to do it... Lucky you who get to read all about this simple DIY! I love bracelets! That's the only jewellery I like to buy and wear interchangeably. The only piece of jewellery that I'm always… Continue reading DIY Jewellery Hanger with just 3 things!